Ask Dija: Do I really need to wash my face at night? Even if I’ve not had make up on?

ask_dijaThis sounds like a really basic question and I have to admit I was even taken aback a little when one of the mums at the playground asked me. I thought everyone knew they had to wash their face twice a day, make up or no make up. So just to clarify, you do. You have to wash your face twice a day and here’s why:

AM wash: to get rid of dead skin cells, shedding, sweat and sebum secretions from overnight. It also freshens up your face and wakes you up. The AM wash is a gentle single cleanse.

PM wash: For me, this is the most important and the one to spend as much time on as possible. During the day your face has been exposed to bacteria, pollution, dirt and grime in addition to any make up products you’ve been wearing so it’s important to do a thorough double or even triple cleanse. Even without make up on, a face wash in the evening is essential to keep your face clean from all the environmental pollution its been exposed to.

Once you’re taken the day off, all your lovely lotions and potions have a good base to start working from.

A quick way to see what your skin has been exposed to during the day Рgently insert a clean cotton bud into your nostril and twist around. Remove.  Do you see all that muck? Some of that is also sitting on your face!


  1. Ewh how charming Dija, that’s something I never thought to do swab my nose with a cotton bud lol. You are so right, though just having a good nose blow at the end of a day when you get indoors you do see the muck. I only wash my face with water in the morning though. At night even if I’ve been indoors all day I do my proper face clean.

    • Why just water? Not even a gentle cleanser? You need something that will dislodge the dead skin cells from overnight.

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