Dry skin relief from Weleda’s Baby Derma Skincare

imageWhite Mallow is one of the dreamiest flowers I know. Extremely soft and velvety with creamy white petals, they remind me of fragile skin that needs the utmost delicate care. The irony is that White Mallow is actually a dichotomy of being a delicate plant, but strong enough to provide soothing relief to babies (and adults) with hyper sensitive and dry skin conditions prone to irritation, bouts of itching, eczema and other sensitivities.

Five years in the making, the Baby Derma White Mallow range is one of the newest addition to Weleda’s exceptional family of skin care products. There is body lotion, face cream and a nappy change cream. It is entirely fragrance free, artificial additive free, essential oils and synthetic perfume free. The range is also certified by NATRUE as being 100% natural, so perfect for caring and nourishing for young and old skin alike.

In addition to the outstanding skin smoothing and soothing properties of White Mallow, Baby Derma is also formulated with extract of a Wild Pansy which traditional herbalists always recommend to ease skin complaints. Coconut, sweet almond and sesame oils make up the organic plant oils in this hydrating formulation. All are rich in nourishing fatty acids and vitamin E which is crucial for good skin health, growth and repair.

My daughter suffers from patches of eczema and for various reasons doctors tend to prescribe a lot of mineral oil based products or even steroids to deal with it. Baby Derma offers a real alternative to parents wanting a more gentle but highly effective approach to relieve the irritation of dry skin and eczema conditions. As a mum, I recommend it highly. As a mum, who regularly pinches the baby’s products for her own use, I recommend even more!

The already award winning range is available exclusively in one of my favourite haunts – Boots – until September when it goes into independent pharmacies and health stores as well. Prices start from £8.95.

In the meantime, the kind bods at Weleda are allowing me to give away one full set of Baby Derma to a lucky reader in the UK. To be in with a chance, just leave a comment below about why need it in your life!

Competition closes Friday at midnight. I’m really old school, so I’ll put all names in a hat over the weekend then pick and announce a winner next Monday morning. Good luck x



  1. Marcia Pedro says:

    I love Weleda, skin food is one of my staple beauty products, my boys use it as a face moisturiser after a shower.
    I’d love to try this new range on My Sons skin, he has had eczema since birth and most soaps cause it to flare up, I try to avoid hidrocortisone but sometimes it’s so bad that it’s unbearable to watch,
    I only use Organic SLS and paraben free soaps, shampoo and creams but find that after 2/3 months of using the same products his skin goes back to square one.

    Thank you.

    PS we are vegetarian and dairy free. He has had allergy tests and is being followed by a homeopath.

  2. Lola Skinner says:

    I would love to try this new Weleda white mallow range as both my kids and my hubby suffer from eczema. Hopefully this will help soothe their itchy dry skin. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for this recommendation. I’ve been struggling for months with my daughters own skin condition. Our last visit to the GP he recommended Vasaline!!! I was was desperate and tried it, her skin didn’t get worse nor did it get better. I’ve since tried Aveeno and there has much improvement but its not cheap.

  4. I love Weleda and currently use the Calendula range on my little one who has dry, sensitive skin and is prone to eczema. I would love to win this, not for myself or little one however, but for my friend who’s baby also has sensitive skin, so I can spread the Weleda love a little further!

  5. Pleased to announce that MsXpat has won the full set of Weleda Baby Derma White Mallow range. Congratulations and thanks for all the entries!

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