Guest Post: Patent Purple Life’s Top Five Body Oils

I am beyond excited about this guest post from Jo, author of the fab blog Patent Purple Life. We met two years ago this month at the inaugural Keziah Connections networking evenings and have been firm friends ever since. Jo loves skincare as much as I do and with both of us suffering from dry skin one of the loves we share is a good body oil.

I can’t thank Jo enough for taking the time to write about about her top oils. I certainly learned a thing or two and I hope you will enjoy reading her delightful edit.

The Best Kept Beauty Secret Oil – Baldwin’s Avocado Oil (Cold Pressed)

About ten years ago I went through a mixologist phase, it coincided with my starting my locs and a new job. My skin (and hair) LOVE avocado oil and the Baldwins’ cold pressed oil is my favourite. It does not have fancy packaging or a sexy smell but it does have a glorious green colour and it is the most skin nourishing oil. I can’t be without it.

The Every Day Luxury Oil – Elemis Camelia Oil

This is a light but nourishing oil that I can use on my hair and face as well as body. It does not have a strong fragrance and it is not as popular as the Frangipani Monoi Melt from the same range but I much prefer this understated product and it is one of my most repurchased products.

The Oil for Grown Ups – Elemental Herbology Botanical Body Oil

If you are under eighteen don’t read this!! I like this oil a lot. It is another oil with a sweet almond oil base so it is light but effective and I really like the smell. It is my mister’s reaction to the oil which surprised me most. He loves it on me , so if I am trying to get out of trouble… or get into trouble (ahem) this is what I use.

The Oil With The Best Smell – ESPA Restorative Body Oil

Love, love love this oil for the citrusy smell that I could slather myself in this all day. As well as the amazing smell and the lovely packaging, it is great on my very dry skin … but did I mention the smell?

The Oil That Is Not Really An Oil – Jao Goe Oil

Strictly speaking this is not really an oil, ie it is not a liquid at room temperature, but Jao classify it as an oil and who am I to argue with them. This blend of 28 oils in a jojoba butter base is amazing. It is one of the most nourishing body oil blends that I have ever used. My skin loves it!


  1. I suspect the only thing I can afford here is the Baldwins avocado oil. I love that shop! Its been a while since I popped in, must treat myself soonish…

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