Caudalie – Accessibility & Affordability


imageCaudalie is one of those quiet French skincare brands that has been making waves for years but it somehow still remains quite cult and undiscovered. Those who know about Caudalie never appear to make a lot of noise about it, but always speak of it with quiet grace and recommend it strongly. The products are built on using grape derived polyphenols, resveratrol and viniferine to prevent damage from free radicals, boost collagen and elastin, prevent glycation and support the skin at source.

I regularly stocked up when on trips to Paris and would quietly bask in the lushness of using amazing products like Divine Body Oil, Radiance Serum or the Beauty Elixir. A trip to Paris is great on any day, but I now celebrate the fact that Caudalie is on our very own doorstep in Covent Garden. Therefore, our access to great skincare is increased.

What I also love about Caudalie is the price point. I hold the brand up as a luxury outfit and comparable to some of my favourite luxe brands, but I am always pleasantly taken aback by frankly how less expensive the majority of the products are, whilst at the same time maintaining a similar level of efficacy and up market’ness’.

Speaking to a Caudalie insider at the event last month, the reason for this is affordability. The brand founders want Caudalie to be available to everyone who wants great skincare and not to be barred by price.

I think that is a great philosophy. For me and a lot of women accessibility and affordability are very important tenets in good skincare. These two factors alone make a big difference to the types and quality of skincare products one chooses. I speak to so many people, men and women who sometimes feel priced out and would love the opportunity to try more advanced skincare brands. I think this is where brands like Caudalie trump others.



  1. I see it popping up on blogs and online mags from time to time but I have yet to try any of their products. Affordabiltily is key for me as a stay at home mum

    • Excellent products. They also do mini sizes, slightly bigger than travel sizes but it’s a great way to sample. They also have 3 patented formulas I think and the scientist they work with is at the top of the polyphenols game :-) Affordability is so key and so so accessibility. Both those two things are the basis of my new business!

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