Remembering Maya

My heart skipped a beat when I thought I heard on the kitchen radio that Maya Angelou had left us yesterday. I ran to the front room, put Sky News on and sure as anything the yellow banner was running across the bottom of the screen confirming what I thought I heard on the radio. My husband must have been listening to the same radio station because he soon called to check if I was alright. I did have a little cry and then I picked myself up. Still, I rise.

Maya Angelou was like a grandmother I never met. She reminded me so much of mine. I think it was the strength and wisdom that she effortlessly displayed. When I found out she traced her ancestry back to Sierra Leone, I was beyond chuffed. She was one of my peoples.

Her writings and teachings brought great joy. So much of what I love about literature stems from her. Her words were profound and priceless. Her experiences invaluable lessons for all who take heed. For all she endured, still, she rose. She was so many things to so many people and her quotes have and will continue to inspire. A few favourites –




As Maya Angelou takes her eternal rest, through these words, I am inspired, as always, to chase my own dreams.



  1. I love those quotes of few I’ve not seen before. I’m going to treat myself to a few of her books. I’m a new phase and stage and I’m pretty sure I will see them new eyes. She will truly be missed. I’ve also written about my experience of her. To each of us she meant something special but it seems the consensus is, she was family :0)

    • I treasure her books. When I find time I may even re-read. In the mealtimes, I find quotes help steer in the right direction. I read your post too and you’re right, she’s family :-)

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