Are you down with the lingo?

Pick up any product in your bathroom cabinet and you’re sure to find words on it that influenced your decision to buy it. Words like ‘dermatological tested’ ‘non comedogenic’ ‘natural’. These are terms that we have come to accept as meaning the product is good and we end up questioning less and sometimes only paying a cursory glance at the ingredient list.

But do you really know what those reassuringly sounding terms and symbols mean? Do they even mean anything tangible at all? I’ve put together a list of possible terms and symbols we find on product packaging to explain what they mean and delve a little deeper.



Whenever someone asks me ‘is this organic?’ I say ‘by who’s standards?’ Within the beauty and skincare industry there isn’t a standard definition of organic, so manufacturers are free to use the term as they please. However, any worth their salt makes some effort to establish that their claim is true. There are many different types of organic certifications, so you have to be clued up on which one a product claims to have followed. There’s UK, EU, US and Australian certifications – Ecocert (France), Soil Association (UK), COSMOS (EU), NOP (US), NATRUE (international), BDIH (Germany), BioForum (Belgium) to name a few. There’s many more. Hopefully one day there will be ONE set of worldwide guideline. Somehow though, the cynic in me says our confusion means the till ring louder.


This can be misconstrued that everything in the jar is natural. Straight from the ground. Hardly. It may have been natural when it was pull out of the ground, but to get it into the container, it would have undergone some processing or modification. Not so natural now, eh? Natural is another label that has no official guidelines for use. There only needs to be one natural ingredient in a product for the manufacturer to be able to claim the product is natural. Plus there are so many natural products that aren’t good for you.

Dermatologically tested


Some countries insist on animal testing. So if the same product, same formulation is being sold around the world, is it really free from animal testing?

A term that’s supposed to reassure but when you dig deeper you realise it could mean nothing at all to you. This is the manufacturer trying to tell you they’ve tested the product on human skin and there wasn’t a reaction. They may have well done a small sample test, but as there are no governing guidelines there is nothing to hold their results up against. You may just react to it as all skin is different.

Ophthalmology tested

See above.

This means a test was done to see if the product is irritable to the eye and surrounding area. On the test subject (s) there wasn’t any irritation but it doesn’t reveal anything about the efficacy of the product, nor whether you will have a reaction to it. It’s a cosy couple of words designed to make us feel reassured and part with our cash. I know I have used eye make up removers before that have stung my eyes so bad and left me questioning whether it was a human eye that was tested.


Your guess is as good as mine as to what it means. It’s a term that has been in use for decades and it comes very much from a marketing angle. It’s supposed to mean you are less likely to get a reaction from the product. With skin being so individual there’s no way of knowing who will react or not. It just gives a false sense of security.

Nothing beats patch testing in my book. If you’re unsure about the ingredients, especially in a new product you want to try, patch test a few several times if you have to.

Fair Trade

imageThis means the people who produce the raw material have been paid a fair price for their goods and effort. They haven’t been ripped off or forced to sell the raw produce for peanuts to a manufacturer who then goes on to unfairly make big bucks.

Non comedogenic

Generally this means that products doesn’t have any ingredients that are known to clog pores and cause comedones – whiteheads and blackheads. Generally it is aimed as a reassurance for people on the oilier or acneic side of the skin type scale. This is a good thing and a word I have a loose love for. The thing is new ingredients are being introduced all the time, so all of they have to be rigorously tested.

Fragrance free

This means additional fragrances – synthetic or natural have not been added. You have to be careful with products that contain essentials oil though. They inadvertently add fragrance to a product and can cause skin irritation.

Well there you go, I’ve shed some light onto how confusing the skincare and cosmetic industry can be. The fact there is no one unifying guideline means that manufactures can claim pretty much anything about their product. A responsible manufacturer will make sure that whatever guideline they subscribe to, their product holds up against it.

As consumers we have to be sharp eyed, read ingredients list, patch test and ask questions direct from the manufacturer if we’re unsure. So many manufacturers, especially ones claiming organic and natural credentials make it easy for us to contact them either by phone or email, so no longer do you have to take any product claims at face value.

Time out with Omorovicza


Stephen & Margaret on their wedding day in 2005

Back in March, during Well Being Week at Liberty Beauty Hall, Hungarian spa inspired skincare brand Omorovicza hosted an evening with one half of the founders, Stephen de Heinrich de Omorovicza. Margaret, his wife, co-founder and global brand ambassador was away on other Omorovicza duties. Off course, I hot footed it down there. Omorovicza is one of my favourite brands and I really enjoyed seeing more of the range, having a good play with products, watching a facial treatment, meeting Stephen and other Omorovicza fans. If they have another evening as such, I highly recommend it.

I couldn’t resist asking Stephen a few questions and delve more into the brand that carries his name. Stephen’s family owns the beautiful Rácz Spa in Budapest which dates back to the 16th century.

What’s the inspiration behind Omorovicza?

The curative powers of the healing waters of Budapest; our purpose in creating Omorovicza was to replicate in skincare the healing effect the incredible mineral-rich thermal waters have on skin. Moor mud from Lake Heviz has an amazing skincare benefits and rich in minerals.

What is your favourite product in the range? This may be difficult to answer.

Quite difficult, you are right, as I love all our products; however I use the following religiously:

Cleansing Foam, my favourite cleanser, I use it in the shower every morning, often mixed with Gentle Buffing Cleanser.

Soothing Shave, our shaving cream – would rather grow a beard than use anything else! (this is great for shaving legs too – Dija)

Elemental Emulsion, an oil-free moisturiser, which is more hydrating than Balancing Moisturiser, so I use one or the other depending on how dehydrated my skin feels.

Rejuvenating Night Cream, favourite night-time treat! (One of my favourite night creams, look out for a review coming soon – Dija)


Beautiful Omorovicza Racz Spa

What makes the Omorovicza facial special?

The Omorovicza facial is relaxing yet results-driven and is designed to dramatically transform the appearance and texture of your skin. Combining unique Hungarian massage techniques – it’s unlike anything you have ever experienced before – with award-winning skincare and a team of expertly trained therapists. The facialists tailor every treatment to your individual needs, leaving skin lifted, rejuvenated and radiant for days afterwards.

What is so unique about the Hungarian facial massage?

The Hungarian facial massage is effectively a work-out session for the face! It’s a succession of very rapid movements (four movements to be precise), which give every muscle in the face a thorough work-out. The facial results in the face being “lifted” because of the massage. Each one of the four key movements is extremely difficult to perform and requires an extensive amount of training.

(Facials are available here)

For someone just starting their Omorovicza journey where would you recommend they start?

The Thermal Cleansing Balm has long been our best-selling product; it is a black make-up remover; it removes absolutely everything (waterproof mascara included) and is a very hydrating product, it leaves the skin super-soft.

The Cleansing Foam: where the Thermal Cleansing Balm is absolutely perfect for an end of day cleanse, this cleanser makes you sing in the morning! A blue foam, it is light and fragrant, cleanses thoroughly and does not strip the skin (as it does not contain any sulfates); this stripping business is super-important as any product which strips the skin of natural moisture encourages the secretion of additional sebum, thus making the skin more oily.

The Deep Cleansing Mask: one of our top sellers worldwide. This mask is perfect to regulate oily skin, reduce pore size and, generally, cleanse skin deeply – use weekly.


Queen of Hungary Mist. Great for refreshing skin in warm weather.

The Queen of Hungary Mist: another top seller, a hydrating energising mist which does not contain any oils or alcohol, it is essentially pure Budapest thermal water, treated in our patented process, scented with orange blossom and rose distillates; great story too as it was created for a 14th century Queen Elizabeth of Hungary.

One of our moisturisers: either the Intensive Hydra-lifting Cream, which is a plumping, cushioning dry skin moisturiser for everyday use or the Balancing Moisturiser, a fabulous gel-cream, which absorbs instantly and provides perfect hydration for combination and oily skin.

What are your three tips for great skin?

- Exfoliate regularly
- Drink enough water to hydrate from the inside
- Sun protection always wear an SPF!

As we go into summer and the temperature rises, what are your product recommendation for face and body?


- Queen of Hungary Mist (try keeping one in the fridge, heavenly!)
- Complexion Perfector BB Cream SPF 20
- Light moisturiser – Elemental Emulsion or Balancing Moisturiser


- Body Buffing Balm
- Gold Shimmer Oil
- Glam Glow Self Tanner


The newest addition – Gold Hydralifting Mask

Any plans to extend the range further, maybe bring out a make-up range?

Not at this stage; we feel there are many more skincare needs we can address before we think about branching out into make-up; perfume, perhaps, but not make-up.

What’s the future for Omorovicza?

We will continue to combine ground breaking scientific innovation with natural ingredients to ensure Omorovicza delivers the results our clients demand.

It’s great to get such an insight into such a cult brand. Even better to get great skincare and product advice direct from Stephen. He is at the forefront of the beauty and so easy to pick his brains on any topic. Isn’t it nice when a brand you like also has nice people behind it?

As a special treat, Omorovicza has kindly set up a generous 15% online discount for readers of Dija’s World, valid until 30 April. Just enter ‘DIJA’ as your voucher code on the check out page.

Now, that’s a great way to start Easter!

Product Review: Argan + Precious Oil Elixir


This review is so delayed that if I was stood in front of you, I’d cover my face in shame. Having said that, the delay has been worth it because I’ve really been able to put it through its paces.

Argan + Precious Oil Elixir has Argan Oil (obviously) plus four more nourishing oils – Baobab, Kukui Seed, Moringa and Sacha Inci. It is deeply moisturising and restorative for dry and dehydrated skin. It’s great after shaving your legs or after an exfoliation as it’s goodness really gets a chance to penetrate deep into the skin.

It’s packed full of skin loving vitamins – A, C, D & E, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and also high levels of Omega 3, 6 and 9 making it truly a unique oil that will tone skin, minimise the appearance of stench arks and help combat skin ageing.

I’ve mainly used it as a body oil, but it’s a great multi use oil. A few drops into your moisturiser and it can turbo charge hydration, be it on face or anywhere on the body. I’ve also been using it at night to intensely moisturise my dry over washed mummy hands. I put it on last thing before bed and put some extra hand cream on top. My nails are stronger and cuticles softer. Result!

Great for hair too. I use it to seal the ends and give my hair a little shine. Currently I’m using it on a weave, so not sure what it’s like on my natural hair, but I can imagine it’s just as nourishing.

All in all, this little bottle of sweet smelling multi tasking goodness doesn’t disappoint and at £12.99 it’s easy on any purse. Available from Waitrose and Boots online and in store.

Eye cream, which corner are you in?

I love a good eye cream debate and I’m never far from one. Like a boxing match there’s always two corners. Those who believe in its use and those who say it does a big fat nothing and it’s a waste of time and money. I am fighting firmly in the former.

To the nay sayers I have this to say, do you want to get to fifty years old and then find out you should have been using eye cream all these years? By then it’s way too late, those lines have set up home. As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure!

If you’re spending time and money looking after your skin properly, why leave out the eye area?

Have a look at my top favourites-

Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm

I wrote all about why I love this eye cream earlier this week. You can read it here. I am currently using it now and think I will be repurchasing it. It’s £48.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream

I love green beauty as much as the next person and this one ticks all the boxes. It’s fairly rich but not heavy at all. imageGlides on and absorbs quickly. With chamomile, cucumber oil and rosehip it’s very soothing. Lemon brightens the skin and hyaluronic acid moisturises. It’s a very reasonable £20.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Eye Recovery Complex

This is an award winning eye cream and quite rightly so. It’s a powerhouse and in my experience addresses dryness, puffiness and uneven skin tone. All of which I have suffered from in my eye area previously. From seeing its use on clients it’s also great for fine lines and wrinkles. A bit of a fiddle to put on, but it’s magic far outweighs that! And all for £38.

imageZelens Triple Action Advanced Eye Cream

This is creme de la creme of eye creams. It immediately has a tightening, lifting and firming effect on the skin. It’s full of peptides, antioxidants, botanical plant extracts, collagen, probiotics, caffeine and hyaluronic acid. It’s pricey at £75, but so worth it!

Brand Focus: Algenist Skincare

I love discovering new brands and part of how I do that is to always ask for sample sachets when I’m out shopping. That’s how I came across Algenist the first time in SpaceNK. So when I bumped into the brand again earlier in the year at the QVC Beauty Bash, I just had to find out a bit more about them.

Algenist is an American anti ageing skincare range focusing on harnessing the power of nutrient dense micro algae. In fact, Algenist is the accidental by-product of research looking at using micro algae for the production of fuel and food. Taking the science out, micro algae can look after itself, continue to generate and thrive in the harshest of conditions because it produces Alguronic Acid. It is this acid that is in all of Algenist’s products to deliver exceptional skincare benefits and help skin cells regenerate to keep the overall condition, look and feel of your skin smooth and supple.

The range is very comprehensive and there’s something for everyone. I was kindly sent a few products to try. Although I’m still going through them, a few are already standing out for me.

imageThe Advanced Anti Ageing Repairing Oil (£65) can be used both morning and night, but it’s a firm favourite for night time use. More of a serum than an oil though in my opinion. It’s fast absorbing and non greasy which means you can easily layer other products over it. Skin feels very smooth and hydrated. It comes with a pipette as well so it’s easy to dispense a few drops, rather than pouring into your hand, which is just wastage in my book.

I also enjoyed the exfoliators. Traditional exfoliators are a bit redundant to me as I prefer more acid based incorporated into my cleanser plus I use a flannel with every cleanse. However, I was eager to try these out. What can I say? I like new and shiny things! The Triple Action Micro Polish & Peel (£58.50) especially because it combines Alguronic Acid, Glycolic Acid, fruit enzymes and micro crystals to buff away dead skin cells and reveal brighter and more even textured skill. Point to note – it does tingle, so if you’re sensitive or react easily, patch test first.

The Detoxifying Exfoliator (£30) I love using after exercise. I’ve been sweating loads and getting rid of toxins and my pores are open, so I find my skin responds better with a clay based exfoliator drawing out impurities. Again it’s granular, but it does gently buff and doesn’t feel harsh on my skin. I leave it on for a few minutes to get the full drawing effect. Also has Salicylic Acid and Willow Bark for a brightening effect on the skin. Again, patch test.

I also used the Multi Perfecting Pore Corrector Gel Moisturiser (£50) – could do with a shorter name! Quite simply I imagereally like it. I love that it is a light weight oil free gel. Literally disappears on your skin, but you’re still left with skin that looks and feels well taken cared off. It is formulated with Alguronic Acid and oligosaccharides to smooth out the skin and address imperfections. I prefer a much richer cream for night time so this is great for daytime use.

Finally, I’m also using the Complete Eye Renewal Balm and I really like it. It has a soft buttery texture and glides around the eye area easily. It’s full of moisture and it locks in even more moisture if you use it following a hydrating spritz. I haven’t got any eye area complaints at the moment, but I feel this eye balm is infusing goodness into my skin for the future. I can imagine it would be great for early fine lines because of the Alguronic acid which helps cells regenerate. It also has caffeine for a tightening effect, Vitamin C to boost radiance and brighten dark circles. At £48 it’s a great mid price point eye cream. My only gripe with this product is that I think it should come in a pump bottle. I feel each time I open it and expose it to air some of the goodness disappears. Also a pump dispenses a more controlled dose of product which saves overloading the eye area.

I have a few more bits to slot into my product line up, so this isn’t the last you’ll hear from me about Algenist.


Algenist is available at SpaceNK.


Out & About



Keziah Connections is back! I am one happy person. KC as I fondly call it is a monthly networking meeting over drinks for women of colour in the British beauty industry. Having said that and from previous meet ups everyone is welcome and the more diversity the better. Natalie Clue, the organiser always gets a plush venue and fantastic speakers on board for a lively, inspirational and informative evening. Tonight’s speakers are Theresa Fowler – author, public speaker and weight loss coach and Ronke Adeyemi of BrownBeautyTalk. Both will be focusing on building ‘Brand You’ – how to build your  personal brand. There’s still time to get tickets for tonight’s event at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Grafton. It starts at 6.30pm and I hope I’ll be seeing you there!

Thursday evening – 10th April


One of my favourite stores, Fenwicks of Bond Street is hosting Shop with the Stars. Major stars from stage and screen will be across the store manning tills, packing bags and welcoming customers to raise awareness and funds for the charity Acting for Others. In my most favourite department (a very easy guess) Emilia Fox, Kim Criswell and Michael Xavier (swoon) will be putting in an appearance and swapping beauty tips with all. There’s loads of other things happening around the store as well. Judi Dench will be ‘in conversation’ with Susanna Reid*, tap dancing class **on the 3rd floor and West End singers around the grand piano! It starts at 6pm and I think it’s a great opportunity to shop for a good cause.


*tickets are £100 with all receipts going to Acting for Other
**£10 pledge to participate

Smog in the city


A smog filled view

Unless  you’ve been on out of the country, you wouldn’t have failed to notice the great foggy smog that has descended on London and South Eastern England. Today, we score ten on the smog scale. Ten being the highest, so it’s pretty bad whichever way you look at it. News reports all over are talking about how asthma sufferers, people with lung and heart problems, runners training for the London Marathon, children and the elderly should take care and avoid being outside exerting themselves as the smog is an irritant and can make their complaints worse.

But what about the way smog affects the skin?

Smog is terrible for skin. Primarily it can contribute to premature ageing of the skin. Smog exacerbates the activity of free radicals in skin cells and these cause damage to the skin and supporting structures as they bounce around indiscriminately. Thus the integrity and strength of the skin is compromised.

Smog also robs our organs of vital oxygen. Oxygen is delivered to the skin through our blood supply, when pollutants in smog like carbon monoxide and lead take a ride on that same system they are taking up valuable space and diluting our ability to absorb as much oxygen as possible. This also leads to premature ageing and gradual break down of cells. The outward appearance of this is lacklustre skin, sagging and crepey skin, fine lines and pigmentation.

Think of the layer of brown dust that appeared a few days ago on cars. It was like a fine and gritty sand. It’s in the air around us and it’s settling on our skin too. Hence why, a good and thorough cleanse is required, especially in the evening after you’ve been out and about all day. I first cleanse with a balm, then go in with a gel cleanser. I have been also known to do a third cleanse! Secondly a good anti oxidant serum is a must. This is what will give the most protection against free radical damage.

imageMy absolute favourite free radical busting anti oxidant for many years has been Skinceuticals C E Ferulic. With potent vitamin C and E and Ferulic Acid it fights hard to prevent environmental attacks on the skin. At £129, it’s pricey but it’s serious skincare worth every penny in my opinion.

As an aside, I’ve also heard amazing things about Clinique’s CX Antioxidant Rescue Serum. It has a concentrated dose of antioxidants and vitamins – lycopene, vitamin E and Resveratrol, all fight inflammation and premature ageing. Another pricey one at £110 though.

With the way the climate seems to be going, I’d hazard a guess and say that we’ll be needed a lot more antioxidant protection going forward.

Moisture Boost – ARK Hydrating SkinResponse Serum


Sometimes it pays to shop your stash of beauty products. All too often I click buy before I’ve had a proper look in the bathroom cabinet to see what goodies I have stashed away.

This morning I discovered a brand new bottle of ARK Hydrating Skin Response Serum. Having run out of Hydraluron, this will slot in perfectly for an intense dose of hydration before I layer on further daytime products. This is my second bottle of this serum and I remember from the last time I used it my skin also felt very smooth and just generally looked so much better.

The texture is lovely and light. It also doesn’t have that sticky/tacky feeling that some serums have. The pipet makes it amazingly easy to dispense. Two to three drops will set any troublesome skin right. You can also add it direct to your moisturiser or a mask for a more intense treatment. I prefer using it neat. I am a purist.

In my book it’s great for all skin types as we all need to keep our hydration levels topped up. You’d be amazed at the amount of people with dehydrated skin out there, regardless of whether they have oily or dry skin.

It has Laminaria Algae and cucumber extracts which immediately soothe and deliver to the skin a concentrated boost of hydration. It’s also very clever and locks in moisture into the skin to ensure it stays plumped up and forms a shield to prevent moisture escaping from the skin. This is a real clever clogs product.
At £42 it’s a great serum for the budget conscious. Although half the price of some of the popular serums, it hasn’t forgone efficacy. It’s just as good and in my opinion better that some of the wallet thumping ones I’ve tried.

If you’re in the market for a serum, give this a go. You won’t be disappointed.

Mama knows best!

love my momThis is a very special Mother’s Day for me. It will be my very first as a mummy and although I know Missy A has no idea what day it is, I know my husband will be going the extra mile to make it a memorable one for me on her behalf. So, with Mother’s Day only days away, I’ve been thinking about all the things my mum taught me about beauty and skincare. So many of the things I do without a second thought stem from watching my mum. Didn’t even know I was watching! Now I have a daughter I’m even more on my best behaviour.  I hope she picks up a few things from me too and I  help her establish good habits for the rest of her life.


Some of the things I’ve learnt from my mama:

- Wash your face morning and night. You sweat at night so you have to wash your face in the morning and washing your face at night, well that’s just common sense. Not forgetting, wash right up into the hair-line and ears too! Sebum, dirt and grime love to harbour in those two places that are always overlooked.

- Use good quality products. Make sure you get the best you can afford and don’t cut corners when it comes to your face and skin. They’re not on sale anywhere!

- Sleep restores mind and body.

- Weekly manicures  and monthly pedicures  are not a treat. They are a grooming MUST. I loved going to the salon on Saturday mornings with my mum. We’d both get our hair done and she would have a manicure, always in red. I have to admit, I don’t always have the time for this, but I know that when my hands and feet are unkempt, I can hear my mum’s disapproving tones in my head.

- Moisturise your neck and your hands. They are on show more than you think. Moisturise your body all over.  Keep it hydrated so it doesn’t look dry and ashy.

- Scrub your heels at every bath time or shower in my case. With a 9 month old, who has time for a bath?  This was especially important because we lived in a hot country, therefore it was sandal weather the entire year. No-one wants dry crusty feet. We used to have heel inspection. No lie.

- Shea Butter is good for skin and hair. I always have some in the house.  No matter what high-end products I have in my bathroom cabinet, I will always also have a tub of unrefined Shea butter too.

- Have a lip balm on you at all times. Dry and chapped lips were always frowned upon in my house. Still are!  In fact dryness of any type had me reaching for a tub of moisturiser before you could say Jack Robinson.

- Worry less and smile more. According to my mum, that’s the best way to keep lines at bay and maintain youthful skin.

- Drink water.  Flavoured or fizzy, just drink.

- Cut out the sweet stuff!  This had nothing to do with beauty or skincare though. I was a right chubby checker as a child, I still struggle with my weight now. But I appreciate the wisdom as sugar is the number one enemy to skin.

- Red lipstick has magical powers and can turn you into a confident super woman. Especially on days where you just want to curl up in a ball and stay in bed.

I would say that all this is still true today for me. Over the years, I’ve internalised so much that it’s all now a way of life. Good habits.

Refreshing Spring Skincare

I’m completely ignoring the fact that rain is predicted latter part of this week and I’ve gone through my skincare cupboard to move some of my heavier and richer products to the back and bring my lighter lotions and hydrators to the front. As the weather changes it’s a good idea to revisit your products and evaluate their use and performance for the upcoming season.

In view of this, I’ve put together a short list of my favourite light hydrators that are perfect for warmer weather.

Antipodes Rejoice Light Day Cream (£26)

The clue is in the title with this one. It’s an oil free day cream packed with Manuka Flower Oil and Avocado oil to deeply moisturise the skin. Great for humid weather!

moisturemilkElemental Herbology Moisture Milk (£42)

This is currently my ‘go to’ moisturiser. It keeps skin hydrated and balanced whilst keeping oiliness under control. Packed full of actives and anti oxidants like Lactic Acid and Green Tea to purify and improve skin tone. It’s light weight and will be perfect on wash and go days in the summer.

Clinique Moisture Surge Skin Fortifying Hydrator (£32)

This is a long-term favourite. I’ve always had something from  Clinique in my bathroom cabinet for over 12 years, but it’s just dawned on me that I rarely mention them on the blog. That’s about to change, starting now.  I love how the oil free gel instantly plumps and hydrates the skin.  Because it’s so moisture rich it keeps skin hydrated for longer without it feeling like you have a heavy product sitting on your skin.

When focussing on changing skincare, I always make a point of not forgetting the rest of my body. So much of our skin care is from the neck up and we tend to forget the rest of our body. In the  summer everyone always has a bit more skin on show, so best to start prepping now — body brushing, exfoliating and slathering on moisturiser.

My favourite all over body moisturisers in the summer are all very light but highly moisturising. I’m a big fan of Decleor’s  Aroma Confort Systeme Corps Moisturising Body Milk (£31.50). Whenever I pass a Decleor counter I stand there and smother it all over any exposed skin. I’m not even sure I stop to think what a sight I must be.  It has Coconut Oil and Vitamin E which are highly moisturising. My skin feels deeply hydrated with no residue. Perfect after a cool shower on a hot summers day.

JR body Milk

I also love the Greek goodness that is Korres Natural Products.  They have so many different scents within their collections that sometimes choosing can be a difficult task. When I went into hospital to have my daughter, there was a Korres body milk in my toiletries bag. I rate it THAT much!  A personal favourite is Japanese Rose Body Milk (£10). Like all the other body milks it is very moisturising with Shea Butter, Aloe, Vitamin B5 and Almond Oil. Naturally they leave you lightly fragranced, but without the heavy feeling that remains after using a richer creams.

Writing this list has got me very excited for the summer. Longing for more care free and lighter layers days where skincare becomes just that bit more simple.